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"A Woman Speaking to Women: the Political Art of Nina Allender"

Nina Allender's political cartoons illustrated the fight for woman's suffrage (pun intended) in ways that no other medium could. Through her art, the battle for equality became accessible, tangible, funny, and gut-wrenching. 

But here is the interesting part: until our very own Deputy Director Jennifer Krafchik went digging through our archives in 2001, Allender’s cartoons were tucked away in a closet, in an unlabeled box, out of view from the public for decades.

Today, Allender is considered one of the most significant political artists of the era, capturing the spirited struggle for women’s rights as it happened and providing a unique window into this intense chapter in women’s history. Allender gave the majority of the cartoons she drew during this time to the National Woman’s Party, and, as far as we know, the NWP houses the only collection of Nina Allender cartoons in the world.

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