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“It is incredible to me that any woman should consider the fight for full equality won. It has just begun.”

–Alice Paul, 1920

Standing Together explores the current fight for the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) and its roots in the 20th century women’s movement. From the 1917 pickets outside the White House to the 2017 Women’s March and the recent ratifications of the ERA by Nevada and Illinois, this exhibit reflects on the ways women have fought for equality and the progress made over 100 years. It also encourages visitors to consider the critical work that remains and better understand the power of their own civic voice. Utilizing compelling images, rarely displayed banners, political cartoons, and publications and records from social justice activists and organizations, the exhibit will highlight the tactics and strategies, political and social complexities, and the shortcomings and victories of women’s fight for equal rights.

As we approach the 2020 Centennial of the passage of the 19th Amendment—establishing women’s right to vote in the U.S. Constitution—historic numbers of women are taking to the streets, raising their voices at work, demanding a seat at the table, and stepping up to run for political office. By connecting the modern effort to advance women’s rights to the history of the women’s rights movement, this exhibit will help communities harness the spirit of civic engagement among women that lives on in today’s fight for equality. 

So stay tuned, and check back here soon for more information. You won't want to miss this.  

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