Nina Allender was a renegade.

As the official cartoonist for the National Woman’s Party, she contributed over 150 cartoons to the NWP's suffrage and equal rights campaigns, mostly original drawings, from 1913 until 1954.

But we need your help in the conservation of this feminist herstory!

By Adopting-an-Allender, your contribution will help underwrite the cost of conserving the cartoons - which includes cleaning, repairing any losses of the paper, and stabilization of the original drawings - and preserve these images to inspire future generations of feminists. 

Allender Exhibit Graphic.jpg
Allender Exhibit Graphic.png

We have over 100 Allender cartoons critically in need of conservation.

And wouldn't your feminist mother/aunt/grandmother/daughter/girlfriend/partner/wife/bff really love to have an Allender preserved in her name?

Your donation of $500 ensures that this original, feminist art is publically available to inspire women to action for the next 100 years.

Contact us today to do your part to preserve this unique and powerful collection of women's political herstory.


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